Dr. R. Subramanium B.D.S (Child’s ADHD)

I am a lady dentist and my beautiful child was totally incapable of paying attention to studies and for that matter to any activity. She had no friends and repeated 6th grade twice. My husband and I went pillar to post and heard that my dear child had a mental disease called ADHD, for which she was given a highly expensive medicine. After taking this so called medicine she became a vegetable. By sheer chance and our good luck we found that Dr. Anitha is a child specialist. After just 4 sessions of counseling, my precious kid is now looking forward to school and has scored to our expectations. The cost was minimal and also I am now informed that my butterfly does not have any horrible ADHD mental disease and is as good as any other child. My days of taking insults from school teachers and other so called psychiatrists who charged a bomb are over.

Dr Nilesh K, MBBS

I`m a General practitioner myself from GMC&H, Goa. Dr. Anita Vasudevan is an extraordinary psychiatrist. She is a noted scholar from KEM and NIMHANS. Even then she is a highly practical person, and gets the patient well, as soon as possible. I can vouch for this fact because in less than 2 weeks she has managed to stabilize one of my patients who has a history of severe mental illness for last 15 years for which he has taken treatment of 16 different psychiatrists. from 3 different states (Goa, Maharashtra and NIMHANS and St. John`s (Karnataka)). and 2 different countries (Dr. Vikram Patel from UK) If she can`t fix it, then no one can fix it.

Adult Counselling, Anxiety, and Depression

We sort of chanced upon Dr.Anitha Vasudevan when I was going through a lot of turmoil in life, mainly originating from my work situations. I was struggling to find the kind of work that satisfied me or was always unhappy with the kind of jobs I could land. For someone who HD drifted off his field of qualification, choices were difficult and options were hard to come by. My bouts of entrepreneurship also caused a lot of angst in my wife. In this potent combination of things, I was often depressed and was feeling lost. Over a few sessions, she could make both me and my wife see through the situation and with a mix of counseling and medication, she could give our lives a semblance of normalcy. The pressure from my wife eventually came down and my work life also changed for the better, with a bit of luck and tenacity from my side too.

I would highly recommend Dr.Anitha Vasudevan for the way she relates to her patients, oftentimes even not hesitating to reveal parts of her personal life just so that we get the right perspective of our own life situations. I was on limited medication all through, over the past several years, which points to the merit in her approach. However much I tried to put my wife too on drugs, the doctor refused and that should be seen as a very high plane of professional competence and integrity. Rest assured, you are in safe hands with her. Be willing to be ‘patient’ and ready to introspect and you can certainly reclaim your life, with a little help from her!

Suresh (Claustrophobia and Panic Attacks)

Just a sentence. She is my guardian angel sent by god to save me. She is very patient with me and approachable any time. Medicines worked for me…still undergoing treatment. Confident that she will cure me.


Dr Anitha is a great practioner of this subject and her 20 years of experience is testimonial *** ****** ******* ** *** ********* *** *** ****** ** **** ***** **** *** ***** *** * 

Dr. Anitha shows immense patience and compassion to listen to your problems and provides result oriented solutions . I am happy to have consulted her for my issues and will continue reaching out to her for all my future problems. I have high respect for her in this field and would highly recommend her for all areas in psychiatry .

Charan (Schizophrenia)

I am a person with Schizoprenia disability in life. She gave me confidence and has given good consultations. The medicines she give is mild and effective. I plan to regularly visit the doctor for good mental health. I recommend the doctor to all the psychiatric patients.

Rajesh P

Amazing Psychiatrist! Just Talking To Her Made My Illness Disappear!!! Unlike Others She Is More Focused On Getting A Patient Off His/Her Medication As Soon As Possible Which Is A Great Thing. I Would Highly Recommend Her To One & All!


Very good doctor and extra ordinary counselor. Doctor is highly talented and provides good consultation and doctors approach towards the patients and treating their problems are excellent.

Schizophrenia Patient

She was patient enough to listen to my view of things and made my complex problems simpler, She cared for my health and overall well being. Could get her appointment whenever necessary. I felt that she communicated with me in a very smooth manner when my delusions were a major part of my life and felt that she had a lot of patience while treating me for more that 4 years. Though she was witty at times but brought genuineness in to the picture in terms of communication and my overall well being.

Anxiety & Depression Treatment

Helped a lot, Really cares and understands. Gives a view from a new perspective considering all the factors. Very caring person and i highly recommend.

Alcohol De-addiction Treatment

Have been on consultation with Dr. Anitha for past 6 months. Her advice and medication has helped me stay sober and healthy.

Depression Treatment

She is friendly , and understand my problem very well , and prescribed medicine for that and she gives hope that it is curable and it is working.

A Doctor Who Listens to Me

Very much approachable and comfortable. listening the problems, understanding my difficulties. Not like just hearing the Issue and prescribing a medicine.